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Frank Auerbach
Head of JYM III, 1980
Lucian Freud
Girl with Roses, 1947/48
Craigie Aitchison
Portrait of Chris Ogidih, 1998
Michael Fullerton
Ultramarine, 2014
Michael Fullerton
Kim Dotcom Under House Arrest, Dotcom Mansion, Auckland 2013 (Second Version), 2014
Jake and Dinos Chapman
Painting for Pleasure and Profit: a Piece of Site-specific Performance-based Body Art in Oil, Canvas and Wood (Dimensions Variable), 2006
Gary Hume
Cerith, 1998
John Davies
Head of P D, 1976/80
Lubaina Himid
1792, 2015
Lubaina Himid
2015, 2015
Richard Hamilton
Testament, 1993
Madame Yevonde
Mrs. Anthony Eden as the Muse of History, 1935
Madame Yevonde
Still Life with Bust of Venus, 1938
Madame Yevonde
Crisis, 1939
Sarah Lucas
Got A Salmon On #3 1997 (1999)
Sarah Lucas
Self Portrait With Skull 1996 (1999)
Tracey Emin
Outside Myself (Monument Valley), 1994
Morag Keil
Untitled (self-portrait with mobile phone), 2013
Kenny Macleod
Robbie Fraser, 1999
Chris Ofili
Untitled, 1996
Mark Wallinger
Self Portrait as Emily Davison, 1993
David Shrigley
Your Portrait Here, 1998
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